Why Summer Is The Best Time For A Refurbishment Websitewalla com May 3, 2022

Why Summer Is The Best Time For A Refurbishment

Did your latest spring cleaning uncover some less-than-savory aspects of your home? Perhaps you spent the weekend watching a home remodeling show marathon and realized your residence was ready for a redo. Now that you’ve decided to renovate, what do you do first?  

Perhaps an internet search for “home remodeling companies near me” will be your first step, only to realize you have more questions than answers. Let’s put some thought into this whole home renovation process.  

A Guide to Preparing for a Home Renovation

Determine your overall budget and leave yourself some wiggle room—don’t assign every last penny to a project. Removing drywall, tiles, and flooring can uncover issues that will affect your timeline and budget along the way.   

Research beforehand to see what projects, if any, you can take on yourself. Make sure to get into detail. Itemize the tools required and see what you own and what you’ll need to buy or rent and take that into account when budgeting.  

Prioritize your projects and create a budget for each. You may need to pick and choose down the road if unforeseen obstacles affect the process.  

Find a general contractor. Check with friends, family, and colleagues who have completed a home renovation. Also, look for testimonials from former customers and a gallery of projects.   

Question your contractor. Once you’ve chosen a contractor for your home renovation project, ask away! Find out what a typical work day’s schedule will look like and whether they can work with the materials you provide. 

Free your schedule. Be readily available when a home renovation is happening. There will be questions, and the quicker you answer them, the quicker the project is completed!  

Account for accommodations. Examples of things to consider include storage for food if you need to move your refrigerator, access to water when working on plumbing, and having plenty of space for sleeping and relaxing. 

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