The Homeowner vs. Old Man Winter admin May 2, 2022

The Homeowner vs. Old Man Winter

It happens every year. The leaves start their progression from summer green to brilliant autumn hues. There’s a chill in the air and the holidays are just around the corner.

Fall is here. We all know what comes next – winter.

A time for festivities and family shouldn’t become a time of frustration because your home isn’t ready to take on the colder temperatures. The team at Prendergast Construction has compiled a quick list of some Old Man Winter Defense Tips that you can do to keep the season cheery.

We respond to several client calls every winter that involve busted water pipes. While we do this with pleasure, because we love to serve all of our clients, we know this is not a pleasant experience for the homeowner. To avoid this, unhook and store your hoses for winter. If the temperatures are going to be very cold, open up the cabinet doors on pipes that connect to exterior walls and even run a small stream of warm water out of them to avoid freezing.

Ensure your Home is Leak-Proof

Stones Constructions is a full-service remodeling company, which means we do it all when it comes to home improvements. Structural and energy efficiency projects that concern the leakage of warm air and the entrance of cool air are issues that need to be addressed. Otherwise, your money is literally going out the window. If you would like your home to be properly sealed and ready for winter, Stones Constructions is just one call away.

Consider Window and Door Replacements

As doors and windows age, they lose their ability to protect your home and keep you comfortable. Replacement of these is a way to avoid leaks in the future. Stones Constructions is a dealer for Windows and Doors, an industry leader

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