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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Remodel

Before starting a remodel, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

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Lalit Parimoo
  1. Why am I wanting to remodel? Are you planning to sell your home? Are you growing your family and need more space? Is your home outdated and just needs some updates?
  2. Are you planning to stay in your home? Are you considering Aging in Place? This will be an important question to answer, your contractor can better plan your project if they know you plan to stay in your house forever.
  3.  Are there repairs in your home that should happen before updates?
  4.  Do you need permission? Do you live in an HOA? What restrictions does your HOA have on renovations?
  5.  What is my budget? Answering this questions first for yourself will help your contractor better understand how they should estimate this project. Have a range of investment in mind when  you call a contractor.
  6.  When are you wanting to start this project? Better yet, when are you wanting to finish this project? Most contractors will work off a set schedule, if you have a deadline date in mind communicate that to your contractor beforehand. They can base your start date off the desired completion date, but be realistic, a full kitchen remodel that you start in October is going to be very stressful to try and get completed by Thanksgiving!
  7.  What do you need vs what do you want? Wanting the top of the line voice controlled shower system sounds great in theory, but are you willing to pay extra for these features? What do you need for your space, more storage, maybe more usable counter space?
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